About Nestor – in English

Our goal is to contribute to better quality in health and social care for older people, and thereby provide a higher quality of life for them and their relatives.

Nestor is a research and development (R&D) centre whose mission is to contribute to the development of health and social care for the elderly.

What we do
Local development projects
We organise and operate development projects together with the managers and staff in our owner organisations. Our goal is to promote change, new knowledge and learning at the local level. We also describe, analyse and report on the projects in order to support knowledge and development at the national level.

Practice-based research
The development of good health and social care in our owner organisations is an important basis of our research. The change processes offer unique opportunities for learning and new knowledge. We evaluate development projects, analyse new problem areas and carry out research studies. The areas and issues we study must always have extensive relevance for our owner organisations’ practical operations.

Development of expertise
We offer courses for healthcare and social care staff and managers. We also employ on-site training such as study circles, practical guidance and online study courses. As an R&D centre we can contribute general knowledge, researcher expertise and broad methodical knowledge.

What’s important for us
Person-centred care
Our ambition is to contribute to the development of a more person-centred care. The individual’s needs must be the basis of how operations are organized, and not the opposite. In practice this means that we work on issues like user and patient influence, professionals’ approach, and especially cooperation among units or professionals regarding older people and their relatives.

Practice-based approach
Being practice-based is important to us. It means that our projects proceed from a problem definition that is constructed together with the organisations; the issues we work with should be practically relevant. Being practice-based also means that the projects have broad participation from the parties concerned, and that results and analyses are fed back to the organisations in an accessible way.

Sustainable development
It is fundamental that project results that prove to be successful are implemented and lead to long-term effects. This is a considerable challenge, and we give it high priority. We want to contribute to sustainable learning and development where the project results, new ideas and new experience survive in the organisations and, moreover, can be further developed long after the projects themselves have been concluded.

We who work at Nestor
… have extensive professional experience in the health and social care field, and several of us have research expertise.

Our work is based primarily on
… our owners’ goals and guidelines, as well as on initiatives from staff, managers, the older people and their relatives. We are owned by the Stockholm County Council (Stockholms läns landsting) and the ten southern municipalities of Stockholm (Södertörn).

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For more information about Nestor FoU-center, please contact:

Eva Lindqvist,
FoU-chef, Nestor FoU-center

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